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Eccentric Yet Lovely represents a unique naive perspective on art that is nevertheless strikingly beautiful: appealing to the spirit, mind and ego. 

Each piece is distinctive and beautifully flawed, accidentally and/or intentionally. The colors are an expression of my thoughts: each represent a story. Some will be told in the narrative, others will speak on their own and some will only remain internal, yet you will see what you see and that pleases me as the presentation of the piece is only a suggestion. 

I tend to call them her and develop a story of who she is and what she intends; the story is flawed yet perfectly flawed. Typically she is bold, defiant, stubborn, uncompromising, and an unintentional activist. A times so ugly she is gorgeous with a hint of dark sarcasm.






My personal perspective and process are predictable in their unpredictability. The vulnerability in developing this site makes me uncomfortable, yet growth should be sought and fear should not shape your existence. So here I am; please be kind.

EccentricYetLovely (the business)

So Ugly We are Gorgeous

Tell them I am a Unicorn

I Don't Really Exist

Call me Christian (the artist)

Just Me


Bleeding Charcoal on Fabric (the medium)

Obsessed with the unruly expertise

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© 2017 by EccentricYetLovely

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