We will


announce yourself so i might do the same​

i am

i am so wild i am free

i am such trouble i am brilliant

i am so fearful i am courageous

i am so solitary i am a bold rose

i am so raw i am fresh

i am so ugly i am gorgeous

i am so sexy i am provocative

i am so flawed i am precise

i am so painful i am stoic

i am so persistent i am nasty

i am so intense i am castiron

i am so sincere i am irony

i am me

i am her

i am we

we are so burnt we are fire

we will rise


5 by 8 ft

Charcoal & Paint


971-231-4482/ EccentricYetLovely@gmail.com / Washington, DC

© 2017 by EccentricYetLovely

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